BH Fitness H854B Artic Comfort Recumbent Bike

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BH Fitness H854B Artic Comfort Recumbent Bike

  • RM1,579.00
  • RM3,599.00

Recumbent bike for regular use with open frame for an easy access. Its reduced dimensions and transport wheels make it very easy to move and store.

A recumbent exercise bike with LCD monitor, open frame and totally adjustable for a great level of comfort during the exercise. Suitable for senior users. Provides excelent improvements in accessibility and comfort thanks to the seat with lumbar support.


  • M2 program monitor
    Blue backlit LCD display with 12 programs and 24 intensity levels.
  • Anatomically designed seat
    Specially designed to offer the maximum comfort, with antisweat materiales and lumbar adjustment.
  • Heartrate measurement by contact in the handgrips
    Contact pulse measurement
  • Open frame
    Easy access to the machine for everyone.
  • Lumbar supports
    Ergonomic seat with constant lumbar support. Longitudinally adjustable.
  • Rigid structure
    High rigidity Elliptical tube structure.
  • Integrated wheels
    Wheels for an easy transport.
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